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Anti-cellulite mesotherapy

Anti-cellulite mesotherapy

Anti-cellulite mesotherapy is an effective procedure that uses small needles to inject active substances designed to combat cellulite and improve skin firmness. This treatment is designed to target localized fat and achieve a smoother appearance of the skin.

Our approach begins with a detailed evaluation of your case by our experienced medical team. Once evaluated, the doctor will proceed to inject the specific formula into the area to be treated. This formula will not only activate blood circulation in the area, but will also stimulate metabolism, resulting in the reduction of accumulated fat. As a result, you will see a decrease in volume and an improvement in the appearance of your body contour.

Anti-cellulite mesotherapy is an effective and safe option for those seeking to combat cellulite and improve skin firmness without resorting to more invasive procedures.

At DeCastro , we are proud to offer safe, personalized treatments. Our philosophy is based on maintaining the naturalness of each patient, enhancing their beauty without drastically modifying facial features or expressions. To achieve this goal, each of our treatments begins with a diagnostic consultation with our highly trained medical team.

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