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double chin

double chin

A double chin, also known as a double chin, is an aesthetic concern that affects both men and women. Its appearance may be related to factors such as aging, genetics or changes in body weight. The double chin can be a cause of insecurity and affect the self-esteem of many people. However, there is an effective and non-invasive solution to eliminate it.

Our double chin removal treatment is based on the use of Belkyra, a deoxycholic acid that precisely infiltrates the submental area, under the chin. This procedure is safe and manages to eliminate the fat accumulated in this area, which can be moderate or abundant. The key advantage of Belkyra is that it destroys fat safely, allowing the body to eliminate it naturally and preventing adipocytes from accumulating again in the same area.

The number of sessions required to achieve optimal results will vary depending on the patient's individual needs, and this will be determined during an assessment consultation. This non-invasive approach offers an alternative to double chin surgery, meaning patients can achieve noticeable results without undergoing a surgical procedure.

At DeCastro , we are proud to offer safe, personalized treatments. Our philosophy is based on maintaining the naturalness of each patient, enhancing their beauty without drastically modifying facial features or expressions. To achieve this goal, each of our treatments begins with a diagnostic consultation with our highly trained medical team.

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