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Blemish Balm Honey - 40ml

Blemish Balm Honey - 40ml

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Introducing the Blemish Balm Honey hydrating concealer, your ally to recover and protect your skin's moisture barrier after exposure to environmental elements or dermatological treatments. Its light formula not only evens out the complexion, but also discreetly hides small imperfections.

Panthenol and bisabolol team up to relieve redness and itching, which often results from dryness caused by exposure. In addition, this hydrating concealer offers a gentle mattifying effect, reducing shine on oily skin. Its versatility makes it an exceptional product, suitable for all skin types.

Keep your skin in its best condition, providing hydration, relief and an even appearance with Blemish Balm Honey. Whatever your skin type, this concealer offers you an effective solution.

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