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Blanching is an innovative aesthetic technique that is tailored to each patient's individual needs to effectively address fine lines resulting from moisture loss and decreased collagen in the skin. This unique approach is based on the superficial infiltration of hyaluronic acid with a low level of cross-linking, depositing microdeposits directly into the creases of wrinkles, without causing bulges or excess product.

This blanching technique has become an excellent option for treating specific areas of the face where wrinkles are usually more evident, such as crow's feet, upper lip wrinkles, commonly known as "bar code", and fine lines. of expression between the eyebrows and other facial areas. What distinguishes the blanching treatment is its ability to effectively reduce these wrinkles without affecting the natural expression of the face, while providing volume and revitalization to the skin.

At DeCastro, we are proud to offer safe, personalized treatments. Our philosophy is based on maintaining the naturalness of each patient, enhancing their beauty without drastically modifying facial features or expressions. To achieve this goal, each of our treatments begins with a diagnostic consultation with our highly trained medical team.

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