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Bioslimming® is an innovative manual body treatment that combines 100% natural active ingredients to reduce fat, cellulite, edema and improve tissue.

This revolutionary treatment is performed without appliances and has become one of the most requested at the DeCastro clinic.

The results of Bioslimming® include a detox and draining effect, activation of body circulation, cellulite reduction, reducing and firming effect. This treatment is a comprehensive solution for those seeking to improve the quality of their skin and reduce measurements effectively.

  • 1. Initial massage

    Gentle/medium intensity massage to warm the skin and begin to apply detox, draining and reducing active ingredients

  • 2. Focus on legs and thighs

    We increase the power of the massage by focusing on legs and thighs, applying anti-cellulite active ingredients

  • 3. Wrap

    Wrap for 30 min in order to stimulate microcirculation, increase cellular metabolism and promote tissue oxygenation

  • 4. Final massage

    Full body massage with a cocktail of reducing, firming and pro-circulatory active ingredients that will generate a powerful thermal contrast

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The treatment Bioslimming® body remodeling is a natural and manual therapy, which has transformed and revolutionized anti-cellulite treatments by achieving real results, without appliances, and with 100% natural active ingredients and wraps.


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