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Chemical peeling and vitamins

Chemical peeling and vitamins

Chemical peeling and vitamins are two essential treatments to maintain the beauty and health of your skin. Throughout the year, factors such as heat, cold and the natural aging process can negatively affect the appearance of your face, causing it to lose shine and firmness. While the creams used in your daily routine only reach the epidermis, they often offer an insufficient concentration of active ingredients compared to injectable vitamins.

Our approach combines hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins such as A, C and E, along with other components, to give your skin maximum hydration and instant radiance. This procedure is minimally invasive and virtually painless. Microinjections are made in various points on the face to reactivate the biological metabolism of fibroblasts, which leads to the recovery of the skin's freshness. The result is instantly rejuvenated, nourished and radiant skin.

As for peels, they are ideal for photoaged, hyperpigmented or rough skin, characterized by an accumulation of dead cells on the surface that slows down cell renewal. Our dermatological or depigmentation peels involve the controlled application of a chemical solution that removes a specific layer of the skin to stimulate natural cell renewal.

We offer different types of peels, adapted to various problems, ages, genders and skin types. The depth of action varies, with superficial and medium peels, in all cases, achieving the elimination of dead cells and promoting cell renewal. This results in brighter and firmer skin.

At DeCastro , we are proud to offer safe, personalized treatments. Our philosophy is based on maintaining the naturalness of each patient, enhancing their beauty without drastically modifying facial features or expressions. To achieve this goal, each of our treatments begins with a diagnostic consultation with our highly trained medical team.

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