Step 1

Free diagnosis

For us, the most important thing is to be able to offer you treatments, products and care routines that are completely personalized to your body, skin, and goals. For this reason, at DeCastro, the skin diagnostic consultation is an essential and fundamental part of the treatment. Thus:

  • We know you and your medical history
  • We know your daily skincare and health habits
  • We analyze and evaluate your skin in depth
  • We build a personalized treatment plan
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Step 2

3D-SKIN: cutting-edge technology for your skin

Our 3D-Skin facial skin diagnosis device uses different lights and waves to give you a complete, objective, and multidimensional view of the state of your skin:

  • Skin hydration status
  • Tone, pigmentation and detection of pigment alterations (spots, dyschromia)
  • Evaluation of sebum level, production and pore size.
  • Epidermis thickness measurement
  • Evaluation of signs of skin aging (wrinkles and expression lines)
  • Evaluation of other skin conditions such as acne, sun damage, blood capillarity...
  • Forecasting future photoaging

After the consultation, you will be able to have all the images in PDF along with the summary of the examinations and advice for home care of your skin - to consult them whenever you want.

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Step 3

Start your treatment

Once we have understood your needs and objectives, we will be ready to offer you all our aesthetic services.

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